How to Choose Your Wedding Vendors

Getting married can be a very thrilling event for newly engaged couples, but once you hear those words ‘I do’, what do you do now? Where do you start with your wedding plans?

Each couple is unique and will want their wedding to be something special that is very personal to them. The first thing is to decide what sort of wedding theme you want to follow. Once you have your theme in mind, then a lot of the other planning involved will better fall into place.

Of course, what you choose as your theme will be largely based on your personalities, so for example if you are known for your quirky sense of humour or your cutting-edge fashion taste, then a traditional style wedding may not be the best choice for you.

Wedding styles

There are lots of different styles to choose from here, such as classic and traditional, Victorian vintage, fairytale, Hollywood glamour, rustic and rural, to formal black tie or 60s retro – the list is endless!

Look through bridal magazines to get inspiration and to help narrow down your likes and dislikes. You can be overwhelmed by the choice on offer, but you can quickly cut down your list of possible styles by looking at examples of other peoples weddings and choices.

Once you have your wedding style nailed down, you will find that you can pick and work with wedding vendors and service suppliers much easier than approaching them with a ‘I have no idea what I want’ request.

Wedding dress and wedding suits

To help you with your choice of wedding outfits, you can use bridal magazines to make up a mood-board of pictures and ideas that you can present to your tailor and wedding dress supplier. Knowing your chosen style in advance will make it easier to choose accessories such as your wedding shoes and jewellery, as well as matching themed gifts for your bridesmaids and other family members.

Wedding flowers

Choosing your florist for your wedding bouquet and wedding flowers is another important step. Again, because you have your favourite theme in mind, you can approach different florists and look through their photo albums or online catalogues to make sure that they understand your style choice and can produce the right floral displays that you are looking for. You don’t have to go with the first florist that you interview – you should check out quite a few before making a shortlist to narrow down your search. Meet with your shortlist and make sure that you share the same vision for your flowers. Choose the one that you really connect with and get on well with.

Wedding cake maker

Again, use the same approach to finding your wedding cake maker as you did for narrowing down your search for your wedding florist. You may well find that it is better to connect your chosen wedding cake maker with your florist so that they can communicate with each other. This can help to coordinate their efforts and match up their colour schemes and add little touches that can complement each other, such as the florist giving your cake maker some fresh flowers to work into their design for your cake.

The best way to work with your wedding vendors is to establish good communications with them. Where possible, connecting complementing suppliers so that they can work together to bring your wedding theme to life.

Wedding videographer

The best way to keep the memories of your important day is to hire a professional wedding videographer. Check this offer here to see some examples.