Wedding Fairs in Essex

Essex is a beautiful part of the country, and a great choice of location for a wedding. Attending wedding fairs within Essex if this is where you have chosen to get married allows you to get a good look around potential venues and meet some of the local vendors for other wedding services.

Check out the venues

You will find that many of the most popular wedding venues in Essex hold their own wedding fairs, and this is your chance to have a good look around without feeling any pressure to commit. Visit as many of these wedding fairs as you can, even at venues that are not in convenient locations or out of your price range. You might find ideas and inspirations that you have not seen before that can be applied to your chosen venue. You will be surprised at what you can hire in, so if your chosen venue doesn’t have the right shape tables or right colour mood lighting for you, if you know what you want, you should have no difficulty procuring it from elsewhere.

The more wedding fairs you attend, the more vendors you get to speak to. A good photographer for example will be fully booked well in advance. Although wedding fairs are usually held on quiet days and at quieter times of year, some of the more popular vendors may still find themselves too busy to attend every wedding fair in the area.

Get inspired

You might think you know what you want for your wedding, but many people find that after attending a wedding fair, their ideas have completely changed. You might never have thought that your day wouldn’t be complete without a balloon archway or sweetie table, but have your opinion changed when you see how fantastic they can look. Going with an open mind is the best way of making sure you don’t miss out on any sources of inspiration.

Talk to local vendors

Vendors local to your venue are likely to give you the best deals as they will have fewer travel expenses. You may even find that your venue has recommended providers for things such as chair covers or DJs, who will give you a better rate because they frequently work with the venue and know what’s what – reducing their setup and pack away times.

For services such as photographers and videographers, where both the style and quality of the service can vary quite considerably, a wedding fair gives you a great opportunity to speak to lots of people in one place, without any pressure. This isn’t to say you have to make up your mind on the day (although you may find that some offer you discount if you do), as you can always make an appointment to meet with them at a later date, but it does mean that you don’t waste your time waiting for or travelling to meet people, that you know from the moment you meet, you will not be comfortable with.